What is the Evil Corp malware? What does it do, and how to prevent it?

Like most computer users, you have heard of viruses, bots and trojans, but you are not familiar with specific names. You’ve probably never heard of Evil Corp or know of their attacks that have affected millions of people. It’s important that you learn more to protect your computer and personal information.

Basics of the Evil Corp Malware

Evil Corp is a group of hackers that uses malware to steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims. The group sends out emails containing malware that are embedded in URLs and file attachments. A trojan is unleashed once the URL is clicked on or a file is downloaded.

Evil Corp is best known for unleashing malware through phishing emails, such as the GraceWire and Dridex trojans. Fake emails were designed to appear from legitimate companies. Dridex was unleashed to the users of Xero, a cloud-based accounting firm, along with banks and financial institutions.

How It Affects Computer Users

Evil Corp malware is designed to steal victims’ personal and financial information, such as names, addresses, credit card numbers and bank account details. The malware monitors your browsing activities, taking note of the information that you use to visit financial websites. It is also programmed to change settings in the registry of Web browsers.

Preventing an Attack

Installing antivirus software is the first step to prevent an attack. Each year, new versions of the software are upgraded to fight the latest malware threats. This program blocks the websites or webpages that are considered too risky. A built-in email scanning tool removes spam from your email inbox and looks for viruses embedded in your emails.

After You’ve Been Attacked

If you already have anti-malware software installed, run a thorough scan of your computer. After the scan is finished, you’ll see all of the malicious files and programs that are present on your computer. The next step is to remove these files as soon as possible. Have your software tool handle the work or hire a laptop repair professional to carry out the data recovery after removal of the software.

Bad software is counteracted by good software. Install antivirus software to prevent malicious downloads and remove the ones that have already infected your computer. This software includes scanning tools to detect the presence of malware and automatic alerts to tell you when threats are found. By learning more about Evil Corp’s tactics, you are a step ahead of the cyber criminals who want to take over your computer.

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Your Steps for the Recycle Bin Delete Mistake

Have you ever emptied the trash by mistake, without checking its content? In this mini-tutorial, you will learn how to recover a lost file, and how to delete it permanently. You need to know then What is the Recycle Bin? And how exactly it works.


How is a file stored on your hard drive?

A file is a sequence of 1 and 0; you must have heard about it already. To store it, your hard drive contains thousands of small boxes. These boxes are listed by the file system (the famous FAT32, NTFS, etc.), which dialog with your operating system to store your data.

What do I do when I delete?

Question is something that may seem silly on the surface, but is much more complicated when you look closer.

Let’s see the first step:

User Image In this image, you see that I deleted any file.pdf; or rather, I sent it to the trash. In practice, the operating system has requested the file system to move the file to the trash. Your file is totally recoverable at this time, just go to the recycle bin, right click on the file, and Restore:

User Image

Emptying the trash: definitive deletion?

To free up space, you probably already had to “Empty Trash”, and you were sure to get rid of this file. I’ll tell you a secret: the file is more than ever present. Or in any case, not less. Your file system just changes the information given to the operating system for the memory boxes used by your old file: instead of ” here is such a piece of such file “, he says ” here it’s free, we can write “. But the information is always present! This is what will allow us to recover your lost files.We will use a software called Restoration .

You will find it here:

This is freeware, but the copyright is reserved.

Unzip it, and run Restoration.exe.

It may happen that you get an error message “Access denied – Please log in with Administrator privilege and then run the program again.”

Then you have to do this: right-click> run as administrator, or right-click> properties, and assign the administrator settings to run the application.

The interface

You now have in front of you most of the software. All configuration will be done from this screen. Each option is described below:


Now, let’s see how to recover our deleted file just now (finally!).

User Image

To recover your file, select it with a left click and do “Restore by copying”; the software asks you where to save the file: choose a location, and it’s good.

Preferably, choose another disk (or another partition) than the one where your file was located: you could write over the file you are trying to recover!.